Our Solution

Sanitation Benefits

Safety is our company's primary goal in our mission to improve sanitation facilities in sub-Saharan Africa. As such, our solution manages human waste from its production, right through to pathogen free and safe-to-handle output material, without the need for human contact. This is crucial as contact with raw human waste that is the main cause of diarrhoeal disease transmission. 

Our system contains 5 latrines that are designed in a culturally aligned style, very easily cleaned and contain no trap-points for human waste to become stagnant. Our system has been arranged to promote good ventilation within the latrines and undercarriage, reducing flying insects and providing a more pleasant environment for use. With these features, the latrines within the BioFactory are significantly more hygienic than the majority of those currently implemented in informal settlements and low-income urban communities in sub-Saharan Africa.   

Our systems not only handles the sanitary intake of waste material, it also includes a micro waste-processing plant to ensure the output material is safe-to-handle. The process we use to process the hazardous waste is called biodigestion, and uses bacteria cultures found in the gut to convert the otherwise unused waste material to create something positive and value adding.

Energy Access

Our system collects organic waste, such as and garden waste through a manual input, alongside the human waste collected through our inbuilt latrines. This waste is jointly processed in our anaerobic bioreactor, treating the waste and making it safe to handle. Through this process, gas is released as the organic waste breaks down, which we capture and filter. 

As a clean alternative to charcoal, the biogas can be piped directly to school or community kitchens. Our solution has the capacity to provide enough fuel to satisfy half the demand of our end users. Through our low-cost solution, customers who buy and operate our systems can recover their investment in 3 years through biogas sales to their users. 

Built for Purpose

We have designed our systems to be rugged and long lasting, utilising materials and skills available in the local area for manufacture. There are a very limited amount of bespoke components within the system, with the majority of components being readily available in-country. This has been designed in to reduce the cost of the systems, therefore allowing us to access as many customers as possible. 

Our system has also been designed to be easily transportable and deployable; a shipping container is used for the main structure, with sections folding out from this when deployed. Due to this, the BioFactory can utilise the already established road freight system within sub-Saharan Africa to for transport and deployment. The system does not need to be attached to any utility services (e.g. electricity, sewage), and it does not need any prior construction for installation. This means it can be up and running within an hour of delivery. It also makes the BioFactory very versatile, and able to be placed in any location.